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Thank you for visiting my website.

Simply put, I am a graphic designer and photo retoucher. I have a dedicated home office, and have worked independently and remotely for over 10 years. I visit local clients as needed and participate in Zoom and Teams meetings keeping communications open. Current subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, and Microsoft Office fulfill my software needs.

As a graphic designer, I continue to hone my Illustrator and InDesign skills by taking on a variety of projects from designing business logos, to print ready brochures. I also have a small studio for product photography and have extensive knowledge of Photoshop for photo manipulation, compositing and retouching.

While I edit my website in Dreamweaver, I honestly cannot say I am proficient at it. However, I have used several Content Management Systems, and I upload and tag images for Digital Asset Management.

Drop me a note if you are looking for a contributor to your team! ~Karla